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Virtualization and the Cloud

Our students get some exposure to the tools and techniques from the field, but they do not get enough. To that end, we are working with IMSA, our student organization in Information Systems to offer short workshops, so they can get more of what they need to be competitive in the job market.


This workshop was one such event. We started off with a brief introduction to what virtualization is (with Star Trek holodeck examples!) and how it is used in the industry. After examining the hosted virtualization model, we used VirtualBox as a hypervisor to build a server using Ubuntu 12.04 LTS server image.


The next step was to look at how multiple hypervisors can be hosted on a common platform and launched from there. We briefly looked at Amazon AWS and then switched over to OpenStack. For the OpenStack paiece, we used the demo platform that was created last semester by two of our students in the College of Business.


Was this enough? No. We just got started. I hope the students will try to build and run multiple virtual machines with the ISO files I gave them. More can be had from other sources (see below). We need to do a "Part II" of this workshop, so we can address the use of multiple virtual machines in a networked format with servers and clients in virtual space. Stay tuned for "Part II".

ISO files:

Ubuntu 12.04 LTS Desktop

Ubuntu 12.04 LTS server

Trisquel Sugar

OpenSuse GNOME


Slides are posted below.

virtualization.odp2.44 MB
virtualization.pdf513.64 KB
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