The Commons Initiative at SF State

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Advisory Board meeting

Friday, February 24, 2012 - 11:00

We are going to meet with the advisory board on Friday, February 24,
2012 at 11AM in Room 202, BUS building, main campus. This is an open and working meeting, to get the conversation going on what we'd like to work on together.

We'll take a break at noon for lunch. I'm arranging lunch for our
guests. You are on your own :-) Bring your lunch. Bring something to
*share* as well if you'd like.

The members who will be at the meeting:

Alexis Rossi - Internet Archive
Brian Behlendorf - World Economic Forum
Stefano Maffulli - Openstack
Tim Vollmer - Creative Commons

Alolita Sharma (Wikimedia) and Asheesh Laroia (OpenHatch) may join us via phone.

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