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Teaching open source community skills to business students

On Monday, September 24, I had the chance to address Sameer Verma's ISYS 573 class at San Francisco State University, a "Detailed study of the management of open source software and related processes." We talked about mailing lists, IRC chat, bug trackers, netiquette, and how all that interacts in real open source projects like Debian.


The class, and open source at SFSU

Making the Web Multilingual with Wikipedia - Video

Video of the talk by Wikipedia engineering team members  including Alolita Sharma (Director of Engineering), Niklas Laxstrom (Software Engineer), Santhosh Thottingal (Software Engineer), Amir Aharoni (Software Engineer),

Why? A common question.

Software Freedom Day 2012 was a success! A lot of fun and education for the campus community. We handed out over 100 CDs of Free and Open Source Software. If you missed out, you can head over to for software titles for Windows, or for MacOSX software.

All the software is free to use for any purpose you see fit - no limitations such as "Academic use only".

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