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Continuing with the OpenStack project - Phase 2

A year ago, we had two students who worked on an OpenStack project to explore the concept of a private cloud. This experience was meant to serve as a learning experience for the students and for us to explore further work in this space. How can we introduce concepts of virtualization and cloud computing into our curriculum?

Open Source for Love, Money and Fame

Elizabeth Krumbach Joseph (@pleia2) talks about her own experiences with free and open source software, working on community and enterprise projects, the joys, the frustrations, and the difference in experiences across the board. She talks about how she got started, and what she does now. She was speaking to students in the "Managing Open Source" class at San Francisco State University (ISYS 573).

SudoMesh: An Open Source Effort to Build Community Wireless Networks

A presentation by Matt Senate and Jenny Ryan. Matt and Jenny spoke about SudoRoom, a hackerspace in Oakland, CA, where they are developing a city-wide mesh network for public use. The mesh utilizes B.A.T.M.A.N. Advanced on OpenWRT-flashed Access Points and provides a mesh protected by a VPN. More about SudoMesh at

Getting started with R

It was one of those corridor conversations a couple of months ago, that led to an introductory session on R, the statistical platform. I was chatting with Foo-nin Ho, professor in the Marketing department at SF State, when he said that some others would be interested as well.

The Fight for the Future: Talk by Prof. Ed Lee

We are thrilled to host IIT Chicago-Kent College of Law Professor Edward Lee. He will be discussing his latest book, The Fight for the Future at San Francisco State University's downtown campus on November 15. The talk is sponsored by Creative Commons and is free and open to the public.

The Champions of Change of Open Government and Civic Hacking (White House Event)

Congrats to "MedLink," an app developed at SF State's Hackathon that was featured at a White House event. MedLink provides reliable information about the availability of medical supplies and services in developing nations. Special congrats to the SF State students who participated in the MedLink project: Suri Samson, Mikhail Selitrin and Daniel Aranibar. Daniel had registered to be on the hackathon, but Suri and Mikhail dropped by to help with registration and set up, but got pulled into the team! Talk about curiousity.

Thank you from SF Day of Civic Hacking

On behalf of San Francisco Day of Civic Hacking, we would like to thank everyone for making National Day of Civic Hacking a great success.

Virtualization and the Cloud

Our students get some exposure to the tools and techniques from the field, but they do not get enough. To that end, we are working with IMSA, our student organization in Information Systems to offer short workshops, so they can get more of what they need to be competitive in the job market.


Report of Openstack project on campus

We had two students (Brandon Lai and Pascal Schuele) who worked on exploring the cloud computing space in Fall 2012. They built a demo/prototype of a private cloud platform on campus and presented at the end of the semester.

Children and learning. The magic behind it all.

The OLPC San Francisco Community Summit 2012 is all wrapped up! As usual, it was a hectic and energetic few days. We had sessions on social issues, educational approaches, technology platforms, and ongoing challenges and solutions.


Video interviews from the talk are starting to emerge at


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