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Why? A common question.

Software Freedom Day 2012 was a success! A lot of fun and education for the campus community. We handed out over 100 CDs of Free and Open Source Software. If you missed out, you can head over to for software titles for Windows, or for MacOSX software.

All the software is free to use for any purpose you see fit - no limitations such as "Academic use only".

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While talking to people as they walked by, the most common look we got was one of puzzlement, followed by "Why?" "Why are you giving away software?" or "How can it be legal to give it away?" All excellent questions that lead into answers about software freedom, permissive licenses, and how to avoid infringing on copyrights.


It also highlights the state of awareness about free and open source software, and how much work still remains in improving that awareness. Thanks to all those who came by and helped. Thanks also to iMSA student organization for helping organize the event.

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