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Image: Photos of SF State students

SF Day of Civic Hacking - Winning Projects

First Prize Winner - Team Soko

Solution of farmers in Uganda  Read the challenge

Team Soko

photography by John Tait 
Team: Sergey Astretsov,Gabriel Grant, Aaron Gamble,Esther Berthon, Wilson Westbrook
Peace Corps: Yune Lee, Kevin Boer



Second Prize Winner - Team Rezzo

Helping Peace Corps Volunteers map the natural, infrastructure, and skill resources within their communities. Read the challenge


Team Rezzo

photography by John Tait 

Team: Ian Murray, Rego Sen, Sam Miyakawa, Sidney Zhang, Fab Mackojc, Stephen Nguyen, Jordan Welty



Third Prize Winner - Team Medlink

Linking Patients to the Medical Supplies and Services They Need, When They Need Them  Read the challenge

Team Medlink

photography by John Tait 

Team: Daniel Aranibar, Nancy Donnell, Amran Gaye, Suri Samson, Mikhail Selitrin, Lie Njie



Group photo of attendees
photography by John Tait 
Prize Presenations


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